US Senators could have organized a Coup d’etat against Venezuelan president, NICOLAS MADURO, during 2019.

Those documents, which I had access to, show how a coup d’etat against president Nicolas Maduro was organized and financed from USA in 2019.

In such documents, communications among some Venezuelan politicians, US lawmakers and other Latin-American politicians for the articulation of these plans were documented. They formed part of the failed military operation named “GEDEON”, which was executed by the private security contractor Silvercorp USA, on May 2020.

Two figures were established themselves as main characters in these coup plans, the opponent deputy JUAN GERARDO GUAIDO MARQUEZ and the US Senator MARCO ANTONIO RUBIO (President of the Senate Intelligence Committee). Although they are not the only participants in these destabilizing plans, their contributions were vital for the concretion, as these documents demonstrate.

MARCO RUBIO himself, besides coordinating the efforts of the Venezuelan opposition in USA and some Latin American countries, was even capable of recommending people (hired assassins) that should be recruited in countries like Brazil and Colombia, in order to add them to violent actions in Venezuela.

On the other hand, JUAN GUAIDO’s communications reveal a subordination and dependence relationship to US politicians, who insist on transforming him into an alternative to assume the presidency, if the desired Coup d’etat is summed up.

Other US lawmakers who are identified in the planning of these actions are MARIO RAFAEL DIAZ-BALART CABALLERO and ROBERT «BOB» MENENDEZ.

Regarding Operation “GEDEÓN”, the opposition mentions the participation of a US Special Command to take MADURO out from the country. Most of these actions would have been prepared in Colombia, with President IVAN DUQUE’s approval.

From Bogota, it was also coordinated weaponry entrance to Venezuelan territory, as well as the training of Venezuelan military defectors from the Bolivarian Armed Forces and hired assassins coming from countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia.

In a conversation occurred on May 5th, 2020, days after the execution of GEDEON, Senator MARCO RUBIO attributed the failure of the military operation to the Venezuelan opposition, due to information leak. He recommended the improvement of security measures and to design a new plan to reach MADURO, in order to take him out, dead or alive.

It also refers to internal struggle in the opposition to deprive GUAIDO from the «Interim Presidency», although it assures that the US President, DONALD TRUMP, wants him to continue heading the Venezuelan opposition.

That same day, GUAIDO, in a message to ANTONIO GEARA, assured him that «something new with the friends of the north» was being organized. He assured him that a new plan would be conceived, he mentions the arrival of two snipers to the country and points it out that “it will not be necessary that he leaves the country alive”, a reference to president MADURO.

Among those people involved in the coup attempts it is also identified HUGO ARMANDO CARVAJAL BARRIOS, former Chief of the Venezuelan Intelligence Services, who is a fugitive from the North American justice nowadays; ROBERTO EUGENIO MARRERO BORJAS (pardoned by the Venezuelan President last August), former Secretary of the National Assembly of Venezuela; and the deputies ENRIQUE OCTAVIO MÁRQUEZ PÉREZ, ANGEL DANIEL ALVARADO RANGEL and ANTONIO GUSTAVO GEARA PEREZ.

Being so, I leave these evidences to you…

I warn you this is not the only things. Wait for other surprises…

“Red September for the bolivians. New plan of military coup d’etat against the institutionality.”

September is closer, a date approved by the Supreme Electoral Court for the elections in Bolivia. The temperature of the internal political confrontation increases.

Today, discrepancies on the terms for the performing of the presidential elections constitute the shift reason for the worsening of a dispute that involves the main right wing political groups in the country. They include the current President, Jeannine Añez, who desires to disappear from the electoral political map the nowadays known as the opposition party, the Movement to the Socialism (MAS, by it’s abbreviation in Spanish) of the former president Evo Morales.

This political heating has been impelled, mainly, by the urge of power that prevails between these political groups and the terrible presidential administration of Añez and it’s Government team, which has given the MAS a privileged position for the coming elections, announced for next October 18th. Seguir leyendo

Behind the Coup: The Argentine Intelligence Agency (AFI) in Bolivia.

The CIA station in La Paz instructed the Chief of Argentine Intelligence Agency (AFI, by its abbreviation in Spanish) in Bolivia, José Sanchez, to support the gathering of information on Evo Morales and his administrations; and all Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan officials residing in Bolivia, including diplomats.
In order to comply with the above José Sánchez not only used his agents in the country, but also requested the support of representants in Brasil, Colombia and Perú.
The information requirements of the CIA station in Bolivia are the following:
1. The elaboration of psychological profiles of the main leaders of the Bolivian government, specially the most influential ministers. This includes Juan Ramón Quintana and Diego Pari.
2. Intelligence gathering that can link Bolivian government officials with the drug trade.
3. Intelligence gathering on the private businesses of Bolivian government officials that can be linked to corruption schemer.
4. The identification of Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan citizens working in Bolivia.
5. The identification of the diplomats of said countries working in Bolivia.
This information would be used by the U.S. Special Services for carrying out media campaigns against Evo Morales, both before and after the elections. All this is part of the effort to prevent him from being re-elected.
José Sánchez kept close ties to U.S. Embassy officials, which went above and beyond his duties as a diplomat. This included Rolf Olson and Annette Dorothy Blakeslee, both officers of the CIA station en La Paz.
Annette Dorothy Blakeslee was in Nicaragua as a USAID medical officer in the U.S. Embassy in Managua. The curious thing here is that this is one of the diplomatic coverts used by the CIA in their secret operations.
Mr. Sanchez had diplomatic covert, but actually served as a liaison with the secret services of the countries. He was in charge of two AFI stations in Bolivia: one in La Paz and the other in the Santa Cruz Consulate. The latter was used to hand out funds for the opposition in this city. The funding, in turn, was provided by the U.S. Embassy.
Despite being scheduled to finish his assignment on December, 2nd, Sánchez was mysteriously relieved from duty just two months before the Coup against Evo took place.

“María Teresa Belandria, an opositor with double identity”

Recently, members loyal to the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, broke into the Embassy of Venezuela in Brasilia during the BRICS summit. This break-in is not an isolated incident.

The instructions for the break-in were provided by Tomás Alejandro Silva. He had been put in charge of the Venezuelan opposition in Brazil given that Guaidó´s representant there, María Teresa Belandria Espósito, was in Washington. Some media outlets have accused the Venezuelan opposition member Alberto Palombo of been in charge of the whole operation. He lives in Brazil and was present when the events took place. However, this has yet to be determined.

Certain rumors were circulated by the opposition that two Venezuelan officials handed the Embassy over to Belandria´s group. Also, the government of Brazil Seguir leyendo

The US EMBASSY in La Paz continues carrying out covert actions in Bolivia to support the coup d’état against the bolivian President Evo Morales.

usa-boliviaSome day ago I published some information and evidence (audio) about the coup, which is about to enter its final phase.
Today I seek to enlarge a little on what can happen in next days.
What I advanced in the article «US hands against Bolivia. Part I», is already almost a fact: If Evo Morales wins the elections, the next october 20, a civic-military transition government will be put in its place. This new Government would not recognize Evo’s electoral win and would allege fraud during the elections.


What is new here is that, in order to justify putting a parallel government in power, the need to create a climate of instability in the main cities.
To this end, the Bolivian opposition, throug the civic committees and the opposition group «Coordinadora Nacional Militar», has been preparing a group of youths to carry out violent actions, mainly in cities of Santa Cruz and La Paz.

These youths would be inserted in the protest that are summoned for those days and have order to engage in violent confrontations with the police. These actions would be accompanied by an uprising made up of former military officers. The «Coordinadora Nacional MIlitar» with the support of «UNION DE MILITARES RETIRADOS DE SANTA CRUZ» would organize these actions. Seguir leyendo


From United States a strategy has been designed in order to potentate the image of the Bolivian presidential candidate Oscar Ortiz, which is centred on increasing his recognition at a nationwide level. This strategy has been implemented parallel to the coup d’état plan that has been carried out against president Evo Morales, which I previously discussed.

The idea is to discredit the figure of the Bolivian president and extending the existing accusations against the other Bolivian presidential candidate, Carlos Mesa.

For this purpose, the State Department has assigned an ascending amount of $100 000 dollars and has commissioned, in an underground way, the CLS ESTRATEGIES consultant for this task, which is located in Washington DC. Seguir leyendo


From the territory of the United States a coup d’état against the Bolivian president Evo Morales develops gradually, it is intended to be carried out at the end of 2019 presumably after the elections) and March 2020.

Its main operatives are the Bolivian politicians, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, Manfred Reyes Villa, Mario Cossio and Carlos Sánchez Berzain, all residents in the USA They coordinate the actions in Bolivia with the leaders of the opposing association “Coordinadora Nacional Militar”, composed of former army officers of the Bolivian army, among them, General Rumberto Siles, Colonels Julius Maldonado, Oscar Pacello and Carlos Calderon. Seguir leyendo

USAID, from Georgia to Managua

Georgia Learning Exchange Program

usaid-logo-1024x844The main tool used by the U.S. government against the Nicaraguan government was the media influence over the Nicaraguan population, through the use and manipulation of the press and the social networks as part of the pressure strategy that tends to reverse the Sandinista process in 2021.

The idea was to create several and simultaneously fronts of attention that serve as a trigger for a social and political crisis in the country, so that it better be the responsibility of the ruling party.

The USAID, after the electoral process in 2016, readjusted its programs in Nicaragua and focused its efforts in the work with the press and the social networks. To do so, they destined around 6 million dollars per year. Seguir leyendo

How the USAID prepared the conditions for a non-violent coup d’état against the Nicaraguan government. (Part II)

USAID'programsTurning the Caribbean Coast in a fertile ground for the opposition.

In the case of the third objective, the USAID destined an approximate budget of 37 604 255.00 USD. Later on, they received in the year 2016 en extra amount of 8 800 000.00 USD. These projects were focused on promoting dissatisfaction among the native and afro-descendant population of the Caribbean Coast with the aim of preparing them to carry out actions against the government: Seguir leyendo