From United States a strategy has been designed in order to potentate the image of the Bolivian presidential candidate Oscar Ortiz, which is centred on increasing his recognition at a nationwide level. This strategy has been implemented parallel to the coup d’état plan that has been carried out against president Evo Morales, which I previously discussed.

The idea is to discredit the figure of the Bolivian president and extending the existing accusations against the other Bolivian presidential candidate, Carlos Mesa.

For this purpose, the State Department has assigned an ascending amount of $100 000 dollars and has commissioned, in an underground way, the CLS ESTRATEGIES consultant for this task, which is located in Washington DC.

The actions of this U.S. consultant would be intended to produce an effective media campaign in the social networks, as well as the massive forwarding of messages. For this end, they count on a wide data base of landlines, cellular phones and contacts of over two million Bolivian residents abroad and in the very Bolivian territory.

With this in view, CLS ESTRATEGIES has accomplished secret meetings in third countries with crew members assisting Carlos Ortiz

This strategy would be based on research, assessments and analysis of different Bolivian experts, what will allow increasing Ortiz’s image, while strongly affecting the rest of the candidates.

Much as complement to this strategy the U.S. Embassy, through its CIA station in La Paz, took control of some Whatsapp networks in the country, in the main linked to groups of political analysis, where researchers, political analysts and politicians of different tendencies interact.

This way they filter false information, and conduct the debates according to their interests, which is used to influence the academic and political sectors of the country. In such way they have held summons to the planned National Strike in October 10.

Some of these networks name themselves:

  • PACEÑOS CON MTS. 98 members
  • SOLO POLITICA, 75 members.
  • DEBATES IDEOLOGICOS, 162 members.
  • MTS LA PAZ, 215 members.
  • COMUNIDAD CIUDADANA, 53 members.

At the same time, DOS high level officials have been accomplishing, during the months of July and August, secret meetings with the U.S. citizen George Eli Birnbaum, who is an international political consultant and the man that they have decided to send to Bolivia to back up the actions of destabilization of the country.

Its main aim would be to advise Oscar Ortiz’s political line, which together with his team and other Bolivian politicians, deligitimizing the next October elections, beginning with the creation of an unsuccessful state. The idea is convulsing the country politically and socially following to the Election Day.

This person would also have the task to give counsel to and to encourage the work that young people are developing in the social networks in Santa Cruz in order to discredit the President Evo.

One of the people to be contacted by George Eli would be the Bolivian Jhanisse Vaca Daza, executive of the NGO “Standing Rivers”, which has used its platform in a permanent way to disseminate altered information and generating a rejection toward the government policies at a national scale. This platform is financed by the Freedom Fellowship of the Humans Rights Foundation (HRF) of the United States.

Jhanisse Vaca is curiously one of the direct links of the U.S. officials Rolf A. Olson, who has given precise instructions to generate disputes in the social networks on the government procedures, in such a way that it generates uneasiness in the population.

George Eli Birnbaum worked in the U.S. Congress and Senate during eight years. In 1998 he worked in Israel to serve as consultant to the Prime Minister, Benjamín Netanyahu, he became his Cabinet Chief and later on created a society as political consultant of Arthur Finkelstein, who had designed political campaigns for the Republicans in the United States.

In his career, George Eli Birnbaum has worked on campaigns on the five continents and in addition he has also helped more than 15 Presidents and Prime Ministers all over the world to win elections. In the 2017 affairs, he led the political campaign team of Marta Lucía Ramírez, vice-president of Colombia. His strategy was based on the use of Fake News, which subtly influenced on the Colombian population.

This person is an expert in:

  • Manipulation of opinion polls.
  • Design and political strategies to severely harm the image of the political rivals and to put up the political campaign of the ones hiring his services.
  • Handling of social networks and mass media balance.
  • Structure of politically based coalitions.
  • Development and implementation of political campaign strategies.
  • Extreme measuring of evil-minded politics (social shock).
  • Social, cultural and political erosion in election campaigns.
  • Liberal trends for oppressed societies.

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