Behind the Coup: The Argentine Intelligence Agency (AFI) in Bolivia.

The CIA station in La Paz instructed the Chief of Argentine Intelligence Agency (AFI, by its abbreviation in Spanish) in Bolivia, José Sanchez, to support the gathering of information on Evo Morales and his administrations; and all Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan officials residing in Bolivia, including diplomats.
In order to comply with the above José Sánchez not only used his agents in the country, but also requested the support of representants in Brasil, Colombia and Perú.
The information requirements of the CIA station in Bolivia are the following:
1. The elaboration of psychological profiles of the main leaders of the Bolivian government, specially the most influential ministers. This includes Juan Ramón Quintana and Diego Pari.
2. Intelligence gathering that can link Bolivian government officials with the drug trade.
3. Intelligence gathering on the private businesses of Bolivian government officials that can be linked to corruption schemer.
4. The identification of Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan citizens working in Bolivia.
5. The identification of the diplomats of said countries working in Bolivia.
This information would be used by the U.S. Special Services for carrying out media campaigns against Evo Morales, both before and after the elections. All this is part of the effort to prevent him from being re-elected.
José Sánchez kept close ties to U.S. Embassy officials, which went above and beyond his duties as a diplomat. This included Rolf Olson and Annette Dorothy Blakeslee, both officers of the CIA station en La Paz.
Annette Dorothy Blakeslee was in Nicaragua as a USAID medical officer in the U.S. Embassy in Managua. The curious thing here is that this is one of the diplomatic coverts used by the CIA in their secret operations.
Mr. Sanchez had diplomatic covert, but actually served as a liaison with the secret services of the countries. He was in charge of two AFI stations in Bolivia: one in La Paz and the other in the Santa Cruz Consulate. The latter was used to hand out funds for the opposition in this city. The funding, in turn, was provided by the U.S. Embassy.
Despite being scheduled to finish his assignment on December, 2nd, Sánchez was mysteriously relieved from duty just two months before the Coup against Evo took place.

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