ndiThe US Goverment makes dissimilar efforts destines to destabilize the political situation in some Latin American countries with the aim of changing the regime of these countries using their Special Services an non-govermental organizations under their control.

The current crisis situation that Nicaragua is living nowaday is part of the US strategy towards this country. For many years, this strategy has been based on the creation, denounce and promote mobilizations against the goverment of Daniel Ortega. Sigue leyendo

DOS focuses on Nicaraguas…..

dosThis documents was elaborated for the Deparment of State (DOS)  by Roberta Jacobson, then assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs. in this reports the DOS focuses on Nicaraguas situations and the priorities at short and mid term. it also centers for a greater political incidence having as final goal the achievement in an inmediate future of a goverment akin to the interest of the us govement.

It allows to have a clear vision of they integral steps taken by the US in Nicaragua with a policy of gradual effect. They used as reference for the strategy emergent leaderships, the strengthening of the civil society and the independent press, the citizen participation and the foreign economic investment to alienate the ALBA movement from Nicaragua these, among other actions, allowed the creation of conditions for regime change which has given place to the current situation of crisis that Nicaragua is living nowadays.

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