“Red September for the bolivians. New plan of military coup d’etat against the institutionality.”

September is closer, a date approved by the Supreme Electoral Court for the elections in Bolivia. The temperature of the internal political confrontation increases.

Today, discrepancies on the terms for the performing of the presidential elections constitute the shift reason for the worsening of a dispute that involves the main right wing political groups in the country. They include the current President, Jeannine Añez, who desires to disappear from the electoral political map the nowadays known as the opposition party, the Movement to the Socialism (MAS, by it’s abbreviation in Spanish) of the former president Evo Morales.

This political heating has been impelled, mainly, by the urge of power that prevails between these political groups and the terrible presidential administration of Añez and it’s Government team, which has given the MAS a privileged position for the coming elections, announced for next October 18th.

Precisely, this situation has wakened up the idea of a self military coup in the most radical groups, which is an action that would guarantee them create the legal bases to be perpetrated in the Government. Once again, the bolivian top rank military officers, with the support and advice of the North American Intelligence Services, organize the maneuver to pass above the constitutional order.

Nevertheless, the decision of breaking up with the constitutionality is not unanimous among the right-wing contenders.

Despite of the participation in this plan of several of the characters that were involved in the coup d’etat of November (warned in advance in this same web page), such as Luis Fernando Camacho, Samuel Doria Medina, Jorge Tuto Quiroga and Manfred Reyes, the key figures of this plan are now the Governments Secretary, Arturo Murillo, and the Secretary of Defense, Fernando Lopez, who was in fact the person in charge of recruiting the military assets to take out Evo Morales of the Presidency, and now he would play this same function, although based on different interests.

As it is easy to be supposed, this group doesn’t work autonomously. The instructions and financing come again from the US Embassy in La Paz.

Hence, Rolf Olson, CIA Officer, who participated in the previous events of November, has been organizing and directing each action included in this plan. By means of his diplomatic covering as head of the Political Office, he has “secretly” been meeting with the parts in charge of his articulation.

Among the consulted confidential documents (some of them belonging to the US Embassy), sources located near the Governments Secretary, Arturo Murillo, describe the development of these secret meetings carried out on July 2nd, 11th and 14th of the present year, where the last agreements for the final execution of the plan were adopted. These meetings had the house of the former president Tuto Quiroga and the Presidential Palace as headquarters.

The main objective of this plan is focused on deferring the elections until 2021, presumably October, saving time for reconfiguring the electoral forces (to strengthen the coalition and weakening Carlos Mesa, candidate of Comunidad Ciudadana political party), as well as to “legally” disable the MAS and to fulfill the commitments with the US Government.

These commitments are mainly based on the sale of gas and the exploitation of lithium deposits, that is to say the decision of surrendering to transnational companies of american capital the exploitation of these resources.

The main actions of the attempting coup plan would be the following:

  1. To generate pressure on the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE, by it’s abbreviation in Spanish) and it’s President, Salvador Romero, so that he will be forced to suspend the current announcement to elections.

Firstly, it would be to summon the main political parties of the coalition in order to demand the postponement of the elections. It would not be a collective announcement, but each part would do it separately. These pronouncements are already taking place.

Tuto Quiroga would lead the postponement claim, on the basis of an increase of Covid-19 cases, and then, the civic and CIA asset Luis Fernando Camacho and Samuel Doria Medina, the latter representing the party of Añez Alianza Juntos, would gather him.

At the same time, Camacho would implement contempt actions to the TSE with the Civic Committees, to block, once for all, the elections in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The actions with the paramilitary groups Juventud Kochala from Cochabamba and Resistencia from la Paz are already coordinated.

The idea would be to achieve that, al least, the TSE defers the elections for another month and, in this way to continue pressing until the announcement will be definitively annulled.

If this action succeeded, the support and pronouncement in favour of this measure has already been coordinated with the OAS and it’s General Secretary, Luis Almagro. In order to achieve this, the Secretarys Consultant of the Bolivian Mission to the OAS and CIA collaborator, Erick Foronda Prieto, has been transferred to Washington.

2. Creation of a clandestine guerrilla false positive, adjudged to the MAS, which would generate violent actions in order to destabilize the country and to create the conditions for a Civil War, in such a way that the postponement of the elections will be justified.

For this, a covert operation has started, which is being assessed by foreign Intelligence Services (from USA and Israel) and coordinated with Armed Forces and National Police High Commands. It has the objective of making the MAS and it’s main leaders responsible of the violent operations that has begun to be executed and that will have their maximum expression in the course of July and August.

The idea is to cause fear in the population and rejection toward the MAS at the same time, creating the social conditions for the prosecution to it’s main leaders, included it’s presidential candidate Luis Arce.

Thus, with the support of the US Embassy, through it’s Military Attaches Office (mainly, Mayor Matthew Kenny Thompson) and the support of israeli MOSSAD, paramilitary groups were created and trained, formed by low rank officers who are loyal to the current military commands. They have the objective of executing violent covert operations (attacks, sabotages, they have snipers, among others). Then, they will be attributed to the MAS.

Arturo Murillo himself is the one who has been coordinating and controlling the execution of these actions. Besides, he is the responsible of conforming those “proves” that will be linked to the MAS.

3. Finally, the self military coup d’etat.

In the case that the decision of the TSE of postponing the elections could not be changed by means of the described actions, they are resolved to force the closing of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, either by legal ways or by means of the irruption of the military.

With this aim, Fernando Lopez, Secretary of Defense, has recruited high military bosses from the Armed Forces and the National Police, to direct this military action.

Arturo Murillo has expressed, in private meetings with officials from the US Embassy Political Office, that it is likely to achieve that the military and the police form a block supporting this new coup, the same way it happened on November, in order to suffocate the protests of the Social Movements.

Nevertheless, Tuto Quiroga has been assigned to look for a constitutional and legal way to closett he Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

However, Tuto Quiroga himself has sustained in these meetings that, “If the military were given money to guarantee their support on November 2019, why it is not possible to do that again?”.

Among the main military bosses recruited for the articulation of this plan are:

1-Major-General, Sergio Orellana Centellas, General Commander of the Armed Forces. He was posted in the charge on March 2020. Then, by the middle of May, he headed the illegal entrance of several officers from the Armed Service to the Legislative Assembly, demanding the Congress the ratification of 2020 military promotions.

2-Major-General, Pablo Arturo Guerra Camacho, Boss of the Air Forces Headquarters. He participed, next to Orellana, in the illegal incursion to the Congress last May.

3-Brigadier General, Ciro Orlando Alvarez Guzman, Commander of the Bolivian Air Force. He was the second in charge of the Bolivian Air Force when the coup d’etat against Evo took place.  He was named Boss by Añez, immediately after the coup. He maintains close relationships with brazilian military belonging to the nearest circle to Jair Bolsonaro.

4-Brigadier General, Ruben Salvatierra Fuentes, Commander of the Bolivian Army. He participated, next to Orellana, in the illegal incursion to the Congress on May 2020.

5-Rear Admiral, Moises Orlando Mejias Heredia, Commander of the Bolivian Navy. He participated, next to Orellana, in the illegal incursion to the Congress on May 2020.

There is a high penetration of the US Special Services in the military institutions, which has been used to place loyal officers in most of the control structure. All these officials were placed by Jeannine Añez when she took control of the State, recommended by the US Embassy, through Erick Foronda, who was her main adviser at that moment.

Moreover, military from the reserve grouped in the military national coordinator belong to this group. They are leaded by General Remberto Siles and Colonels Julio Maldonado, Oscar Parcello and Carlos Calderon.

At the same time, the Air Forces are developing massive cyber espionage actions since mid May, which are directed to monitor the main members of the parties MAS and Comunidad Ciudadana, as well as journalists. In order to achieve this, the system IMSI Catcher, designed to monitoring and controlling cell phone lines, is been put into practice. It collects all the information linked to contacts, voice and text mail, as well as physical location, among other data.

By the other hand, the US Government has decided to strengthen the CIA Station in La Paz, in order to bolster the work that its Chief of Station, Rolf Olson, has been developing covertly.

It is likely that, close to the date when the elections  are expected to take place, movements of diplomatic officials are made, as well as the entrance to the country of members from the South Command Special Operations Troops (as it happened last November). They are commited to prepare the ground before the destabilization.

This whole plan evidences the desesperation that prevails in the most radical bolivian right wing today, before the real possibility of losing the power again, motivated by Añez inefficient administration of the Government. There is an expressed decision in this group of making whatever it is necessary for not giving the country to the MAS again, not even to Carlos Mesa.

Thus, the Armed Forces and the National Police will play a fundamental role in favour of the right-wing coalition interests.

What this plan has not foreseen is the magnitude of the risk of a social explosion which will have unpredictable consequences.

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