The US EMBASSY in La Paz continues carrying out covert actions in Bolivia to support the coup d’état against the bolivian President Evo Morales.

usa-boliviaSome day ago I published some information and evidence (audio) about the coup, which is about to enter its final phase.
Today I seek to enlarge a little on what can happen in next days.
What I advanced in the article «US hands against Bolivia. Part I», is already almost a fact: If Evo Morales wins the elections, the next october 20, a civic-military transition government will be put in its place. This new Government would not recognize Evo’s electoral win and would allege fraud during the elections.


What is new here is that, in order to justify putting a parallel government in power, the need to create a climate of instability in the main cities.
To this end, the Bolivian opposition, throug the civic committees and the opposition group «Coordinadora Nacional Militar», has been preparing a group of youths to carry out violent actions, mainly in cities of Santa Cruz and La Paz.

These youths would be inserted in the protest that are summoned for those days and have order to engage in violent confrontations with the police. These actions would be accompanied by an uprising made up of former military officers. The «Coordinadora Nacional MIlitar» with the support of «UNION DE MILITARES RETIRADOS DE SANTA CRUZ» would organize these actions.

The transition goverments headquarters will be established in Santa Cruz, in order to consolidate the plans of dividing the country in two fronts (east and west), which could generate enough chaos for civic war to break out.
But, how would these violent actions be carried out???
Ships full of weapons have secretly been making trips from the US, specifically MIami, to The Port of IQUIQUE (Bolivia), which is close to the border with Chile.

These weapons and ammunitions were sent inside ship containers which, for the most port, are fulled with miscellaneous articles. The containers were received by people not linked to the activities of the oppositions. These people were recruited with the sole purpose of putting up their names and taking the containers away from the port.
Juan Carlos Rivero, a bolivian citizen, was the one in charge of buying the weapons in the US and making them get to the «COORDINADORA NACIONAL MILITAR». This person has links to both MANFRED REYES, a political opponent that lives in the US, and the US EMBASSY in Bolivia.

The US EMBASSY has permanently following up on the delivery of the weapons and ammunitions through secret collaborators. In this sense they have been meeting privately with the main leaders of opposition to talk about the financing of the coup and offer advice in regards to this. Among these leaders is JAIME ANTONIO ALARCON DAZA, the president of THE LA PAZ CIVIC COMMITTEE.

The weapons that has been sent to Bolivia includes ammunitions of different calibres, gunpowder, machines to manufacture and gauge projectiles, rifle case, and guns.

Parallelly the CIVIC COMMITTEE are already recruiting bolivian citizens to buy votes in favor of the candidate for the opposition CARLOS MESA, for the value of 50 USD per voter.
The payment would by carried out after the voting takes place and the voters would have a picture taken of a marked ballot.
In the article «US HAND AGAINS BOLIVIA.PART II», I alerted on the strategy the DEPARTMENT OF STATE (DOS) had designed to consolidate the candidate for the bolivian presidential elections, OSCAR ORTIZ.
Now I want to inform you who has been carrying out this US designed political strategy.
His name is ERICK FORONDA PRIETO and he is currently undercover in La Paz carrying out covert actions, in favor of OSCAR ORTIZ, while at the same time being told what to do by THE US EMBASSY.

His main jobs is to advise ORTIZ’s political campaign. He also works with the press in the leaking of sensitive information pertaining to ORTIZs electoral opponents. Prsident EVO MORALES has been targeted the most in this regard.
But, who is ERICK FORONDA?

ERICK is a bolivian journalist that ended up being chief edito of ULTIMA HORA and LA RAZON. Two Bolivian newspapers.

He has strong ties to the US EMBASSY in La Paz, since he worked in the press office there for a 20 years. He played an important role in obtaining information from politicians and journalist in the country, the aim being to satisfy US interest.

Given the importance of the overt and covert activities that he carried out for the US EMBASSY, he became a person of trust and established close links with the former US AMBASSADOR PHILLIP GOLDBERG.

ERICK FORONDA was one of the key pieces in organizing the opposition campaing for the «NO», during the constitutionals referendum for the re-elections of EVO MORALES. Following the order of the US EMBASSY he frequently communicated with bolivian media outlets favorable towards US in order to obtain any necessary information that could lead to the victory of the «NO» campaing. An example of this were the articles published in the press regarding a supposed affair between GABRIELA ZAPATA and EVO MORALES.
Likewise, the US EMBASSY has used ORTIZ to influence the main leaders of opposition.
While on the one hand, the US EMBASSY has been working towards consolidating OSCAR ORTIZ above CARLOS MESA, their main porpose is to remove EVO MORALES from the Presidency.

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