How the USAID prepared the conditions for a non-violent coup d’état against the Nicaraguan government. (Part II)

USAID'programsTurning the Caribbean Coast in a fertile ground for the opposition.

In the case of the third objective, the USAID destined an approximate budget of 37 604 255.00 USD. Later on, they received in the year 2016 en extra amount of 8 800 000.00 USD. These projects were focused on promoting dissatisfaction among the native and afro-descendant population of the Caribbean Coast with the aim of preparing them to carry out actions against the government:

  1. A Quality Technical Education for the Caribbean Coast.

This program was put into practice by the local NGO Foundation for the Autonomy and Development of the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast (FADCANIC, by its acronym in Spanish), with an initial budget of 1 000 000.00 USD. It was carried out between the years 2015-2018.

The program was part of an alliance between the U.S government and the Nicaraguan private sector in order to supposedly promote opportunities in technical education and employment for the young people of the North and South autonomous regions. However, when it was put into practice it represented another tool to discredit the government of Daniel Ortega, having among its priorities the project of construction of the Interoceanic Channel in the country.

  1. Community Action for Reading and Security

It is being carried out by the subcontractor “DEVTECH”. They have an inicial budget of 9 959 585.00 USD and they expect to work on this program for the period 2013-2019. In 2016 they received an extra amount of 4 500 000.00 USD for a total budget of 14 459 585.00 USD.

With this initiative they hope to have a direct impact on population of the Caribbean Coast in order to create states of opinion against the government, blaming them of the historical problems present in this community.

  1. Education for Success

It is carried out by the local NGO FADCANIC. At first they worked with this program during the period 2010-2017 with an initial budget of 6 700 000.00 USD. But in 2016 the program was extended until 2019 adding an amount of 4 000 000.00 USD, for a total budget of 10 700 000.00 USD.

This Project is being directly controlled by the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua through their International Narcotics Liason Office (INL), through which they channel the funds in order to avoid control of the government over the work they do.

The initiative has made possible to gain access to the most important regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast and it has as main objective to train leaders that respond to the American interests in these communities. What they try to do is to dissociate community leaders from the current Nicaraguan political system, and above all from the FSLN, and taking into account the upcoming electoral process of 2021.

  1. Technical Vocational Education and Training Strengthening for At-Risk Youth (TVET SAY)

It is carried out by the American company Creative Associates International (CAI), for the period 2015-2019, with an initial amount of 9 944 796.00 USD.

This Project is intended to the training of young opponent leaders in the private sector of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, so that they can later be linked to the Nicaraguan Private Company Superior Council (COSEP, by its acronym in Spanish) and undermine the bonds between the private companies and the government of Daniel Ortega, for the upcoming electoral process of 2021.

  1. Better Methods for the Sustainable Educational Services.

It is carried out by the Father Fabretto Foundation for the period 2014-2018 and an initial budget of 699 874.00 USD. Later, in 2016, they received an extra amount of 300 000.00 USD, for a total budget of 999 874.00 USD.

This foundation is linked to the Catholic Church and it receives funds from the Red Nicasalud Federation.

Conditions for a Soft Blow

Little by little, the U.S. government, through its Embassy and the USAID, have being preparing the conditions to carry out a non-violent coup d’état against the Nicaraguan government.

All the programs above mentioned were destined to:

  • To create a public opinion against the government and its social projects.
  • To promote the change of government.
  • To train local leaders with a high profile on social networks.
  • To generate an ideology and opinions contrary to the government.
  • To promote civil disobedience.

The idea was to create a consciousness over the main social problems and to subtly manipulate the people of good faith to develop their strategy against the government.

Clearly, the main goal was to create a critical mass of citizens against the government involving social and trade organizations, private companies, the civil society and jeans of communication. The purpose was to achieve in the mid-term a transformation of the political values so that the future leaders can politically operate within an ideological scheme that guarantees the interests of the U.S. in Nicaragua.



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